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Activate iPhone without SIM

If you don’t have mobile contract or you want to give iPhone to someone else to use without sim then we are going to explain some methods, to activate iPhone without SIM .

activate iphone without sim


Yes, it’s surprising but it is possible, going through some methods you can setup and activate iPhone without SIM . here I will explain this in this article. There are numbers of way to activate iPhone without sim card. If you get a spare iPhone to which you want to give to someone for using without sim card or it may be, you don’t have a spare card. if you are searching for activating iPhone without connected to a Wi-Fi network. these methods will allow you to activate iPhone. As we told you there are number of methods but it is not compulsory that all methods will work as same for you, so you will have to try numbers of them.

These methods will cover all the generations of iPhone :

Before explaining about all these methods we will know about an easiest way. If you can borrow SIM card to someone then let’s know that how we can activate and access data via Wi-Fi.

1. First of all, Borrow someone’s SIM card who is your close relative or good friend.
But it must be of same network through which particular network your iPhone has been locked.
2. Access to a Wi-Fi network.
3. Now place the borrowed sim card in your iPhone.
4. Log on to a Wi-Fi network.
5. Wait until your iPhone has been activate.
6. Now remove it back and it to the person.
7. Now your iPhone is ready to use still you will not be able to make a phone call but you can use other application as Facebook Messenger , WhatsApp , Skype etc.
8.Now your friend can place SIM card in his phone and can use as before.

Activate iPhone using iTunes :

First of all, make sure that your iPhone has locked to a particular network or not. if it has locked and you have available SIM card of the same network then try the above method. Otherwise, if you have an unlocked iPhone and no Wi-Fi network. So updated iTunes is necessary in this process. But if you don’t have iTunes installed then download and install then connect your iPhone to your computer. Now some required filled will be shown on the iTunes screen prompt. now you will have to fill details to activate iPhone. once it is activated then you can use it through a Wi-Fi network connection.

Activate iPhone using Jailbreak :


One option may be a jailbreak to activate iPhone without SIM card. But, before this process, you need to download and install a reliable jailbreak software to complete the process. If you don’t have any idea about jailbreak than you must go through online searching and must understand the program. after processing of jailbreak, you need to reboot then your iPhone will activate.

If you have failed into the all the above methods, you can try this method to activate iPhone going through a website called Official iPhone Unlock. Through this website you can use the service iCloud Activation may be time taken. So if you want to use this service follow these steps :

1. Go to the Official iPhone Unlock website and select the option of iCloud Unlock.
2. Now you will have to fill some required filled about iPhone information like phone model, IMEI number, etc.
3. And then your iPhone will take 1-3 days to be activated without SIM card.

What to do if you are getting some error :


Although it is not a big task to activate iPhone without SIM but still if you are getting some errors then don’t worry about may simple issues which can be solved through some easy tips. let’s know what is that :

1. Restart your iPhone : before trying another tip you can restart iPhone. this simple tip may be helpful, now you can go ahead in further processing of activation.
2. Connection issues : it may be you have a week Wi-Fi network so during activation which may be causes of an error, so you must look for a strong and stable connection.
3. Update iTunes : if you want an error-free activation of iPhone using through iTunes then always use updated and latest version of iTunes.
4. Sign in with your Apple’s id : sometimes simply your Apple’s id and password is asked to sign in for activating your iPhone.
Hope this article will help you to activate iPhone without SIM card.

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